Hosting House offers total lifestyle enhancement service inspired by New York culture from space design, styling and home decor objects store that make your lifestyle one of a kind like New York City itself.


호스팅하우스는 서울을 기반으로 활동하며 뉴욕 감성을 지향하는 뉴욕 라이프스타일 & 공간디자인 하우스입니다. 인테리어 디자인, 스타일링, 뉴욕라이프스타일 컨셉스토어 & 쇼룸에 이르기까지 라이프스타일과 관련된 모든 디자인 서비스를 제공합니다. 

Space design

Want something special and different? Then you are in the right place! From private residence to commercial space, check out our previous portfolio. 

주거공간부터 상업공간까지, 남들과 다른 특별한 공간을 찾고 계신가요? 호스팅하우스가 제안하는 뉴욕 라이프스타일의 공간 디자인을 만나보세요!

Brand Event & styling

If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, Hosting House will deliver. Experience flawless and one of a kind event and art direction.

라이프스타일이라는게 꼭 공간에만 국한되지는 않지요. '보고, 느끼고, 경험'하는 아트웍! 호스팅가 제안하는 이벤트와 아트웍을 만나보세요.   


We held several interior exhibition requested by our dear friend, 'Studio Concrete' and 'Seoul Living & Design Fair 2018 & 2019', 'Home Table Deco Fair 2018 Busan'. Explore our past exhibition Archive!    

호스팅하우스가 생각하는 공간의 미학이란 무엇있까요? 다양한 테마와 주제로 진행했던 라이프스타일 & 공간 전시를 아카이브를 통해 만나보세요.


Laura Mercier Event directing & Space design

Mr. Porter ‘s House Event styling & Space design

Le Labo Fragrances 'Another 13' Launching Presentation 

Le Labo Fragrances 'City Exclusives' Presentation

Window Visual Display for Bata X Colette

Allsaints 'London, More Than Ever.' Presentation

Magazine Art Work 

Commercial Space - House of Yull

Residence- Apartment Interior Design

Space Styling & Furnishing- Private Client in Manhattan, NY

Interior Styling is just important as much as your inner beauty 

Flower Decoration 

Check our previous life style exhibition.

호스팅하우스가 해석하는 공간의 아름다움, 전시 아카이브를 통해 만나보세요. 

‘Town House’ won ‘The Best Space Design of the Year’ at Seoul Living Design Fair 2019, Seoul, South Kore, 2018.04.03-2019.04.07

'Conversation on the lake' at Home Table and Deco Fair 2018 Busan 2018.5.10 ~ 2018.5.13

'Lake' at Wie Ein Kino Showroom 2018.4.25 ~ 2018.5.4 

'Conversation' as a part of Designer's Choice at Seoul Living Design Festival 2018 2018.3.7 ~ 2018.3.11 

'HOUSEWARMING' at Studio Concrete 2017.7.15 ~ 2017.8.31