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호스팅하우스가 해석하는 공간의 아름다움, 전시 아카이브를 통해 만나보세요. 

‘Town House’ won ‘The Best Space Design of the Year’ at Seoul Living Design Fair 2019, Seoul, South Kore, 2018.04.03-2019.04.07

'Conversation on the lake' at Home Table and Deco Fair 2018 Busan 2018.5.10 ~ 2018.5.13

'Lake' at Wie Ein Kino Showroom 2018.4.25 ~ 2018.5.4 

'Conversation' as a part of Designer's Choice at Seoul Living Design Festival 2018 2018.3.7 ~ 2018.3.11 

'HOUSEWARMING' at Studio Concrete 2017.7.15 ~ 2017.8.31